Rapunzel’s new BFF in ‘Tangled: The Series’ is cute AF

New friends: Tangled: The Series introduces the new character Cassandra, Rapunzel’s handmaiden and quick-witted bestfriend.

Nobody grows out of their love for Disney. There’s just something about being reunited with our fave characters and their adventures that’s very comforting, y’know? But as much as we love seeing all these adaptations of our childhood faves, we can’t help but wonder about their continuing lives — what happens next? Surely there’s more to their happy ending than just a kiss. Just like our girl Rapunzel: she didn’t just get into a new relationship, she’s also reunited with her parents and finds out that she’s actually a princess. This is some crazy Princess Diaries moment right here, but in the fictional kingdom of Corona, things might just end up differently.

Lucky for us, the new Tangled: The Series is finally here and we get to see how Rapunzel adapts to her life as royalty. Don’t worry, Pascal (the chameleon) and Maximus (the loyal palace horse) both made it to the series. Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi are also back to bring life to Rapunzel and Eugene Fitzherbert (RIP Flynn Rider), and Eden Espinosa joins in on the fun as Cassandra.

It’s not very likely for new characters to be written into a fictional story that everyone is already so familiar with. But what’s so wrong with having one more character to love? Cassandra is a highly skilled fighter (she’s the daughter of the Captain of the Guards) and also happens to be Rapunzel’s handmaiden and best friend. We love us a girl who’s smart, quick-witted and tough, but supportive and protective at the same time. Rapunzel is very inspired by how Cassandra collects herself, and we can’t help but feel the same way too. Rapunzel still has so much to learn before she can accept her royal destiny, but there’s no doubt that she can with her friends and family by her side.

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Tangled: The Series can be enjoyed on demand or through live TV simulcast on the Disney Channel App, available for download on the Google Play or App Store.


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