‘Big Hero 6’ is making a TV comeback

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Falling in love with a character on the big screen is difficult. You get to spend a few hours with them, see their predetermined plot line actualize, and then you say goodbye. That’s especially difficult with the crew of Big Hero 6, and of course, everyone’s dream man Tadashi.

Thankfully, Disney brought the crew back to Disney Channel and the DisneyLife app. Just like in the movies, you can expect a lot of new inventions, adventures in San Fransokyo, and stories from the motley crew of superheroes Hiro, Baymax, Go Go, Wasabi, Fred and Honey Lemon. But the million dollar question remains: will Tadashi make a comeback?


“A lot more adventures and villains and we really get to know the individual members of Big Hero 6 better. Everybody gets a little chance to shine in the series.”


We chatted with the producers of Big Hero 6 The Series (the same brains behind the classic Kim Possible) Mark McCorkle and Bob Schooley to answer a few questions about Hiro’s new life, the new inventions in the series, and Tadashi’s participation in the show.


YOUNG STAR: What’s going to be different in the TV series?

BOB SCHOOLEY: Because the movie ended in sort of an image that there’s gonna be more adventures, we felt like, with the TV series, we got to fulfill that promise. A lot more adventures and villains and we really get to know the individual members of Big Hero 6 better. Everybody gets a little chance to shine in the series


Hiro is now in university, right?

MARK MCCORCKLE: We have him in the beginning of this new journey where he’s going to school, he’s being challenged. He’s a teen prodigy, so now he’s facing some actual challenges.


Is he going to come up with any new inventions?

MARK: One of the things that we keep throughout the series is not only is he doing work in school but he’s also doing new inventions for them and their superhero life. One of the things Bob and I really like about the movie and what’s exciting about this new television show is that there’s such a positive view of science and learning. And we thought that’s a great message to put out there, that science is cool and science can help everyone and technology can lead to better life.


You guy introduce a lot of inventions in the series. Where do you get those ideas?

BOB: We follow the example of the movie. Even if they’re not exactly real yet, but they’re possible in the next few years or so, we thought that’s a pretty good way to start. Let’s look at research and breakthroughs that are being projected that could happen in the future. Every now and then we get stuff that’s a little bit fantastic but we try to use the internet to research about breakthroughs in robotics, transportation, biotech. We use our imagination to some extent but we use a little bit of real science too.


Which is better: superheroes with actual powers or superheroes with brains?

MARK: What makes the show unique is it is all coming from brainpower. I think that’s what makes it a little more real from kids.

BOB: I think it’s easy to do stories where the good guy is super strong and punches his or her way to the solutions. With this group of geniuses, what we try to do is say, yeah, there are action scenes and battles but at the heart of it, them being smart is the solution and that’s the message we’re trying to put out there for kids. It’s not enough to be the biggest and the strongest. Sometimes if you’re the smartest and that can lead to fantastic solutions. And the solutions aren’t always violent.


I just need to ask this: any chance that we’re getting a prequel with Tadashi?

MARK: We haven’t heard of any prequel plans. But through flashbacks and videos, we try to keep his memory alive.

BOB: Tadashi definitely has a presence in the series. He definitely has a huge impact on Hiro’s life as his brother but also his heroic sacrifice is what taught Hiro that somebody has to help, somebody has to do the right thing.

MARK: And we know Tadashi has a lot of fans. (Laughs)

Catch Big Hero 6 The Series on the Disney Channel every Friday at 1:30 p.m. and on Saturday and Sunday at 8 a.m.


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