Behind-the-scenes: IV of Spades’ new music video

Photos by Ina Jacobe

IV of Spades is one of the coolest bands we know.

One listen to Hey Barbara and you’ll already get the feel that they’re unlike any other act in the local music scene today. Check ’em out live, and yep, you know they’re here to stay with their distinct style (proof that there are still vintage gems in ukay-ukays) and infectious disco hooks.

Following their second music video release last July, they’re back with another for Where Have You Been, My Disco? Their inspiration this time around? “[It’s] still about the music,” says bassist Zild Benitez. “It’s just a visual representation of our music. Everything that you’re seeing is what you hear.”

We went behind-the-scenes of their new music video to hang with the crew. Feel the groovy vibes from the snaps below.

Deal with it: IV of Spades is back with a new music video for Where Have You Been, My Disco?

You can watch IV of Spades’ newest video here:


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