A beginner’s cheat sheet for getting your first facial at Glow Skin Clinic

As someone who’s already deep into that skincare-first life, getting a facial might be an idea that you’ve entertained but never followed through on; the thought of having a total stranger pick at your face isn’t all that encouraging, after all.

Newly opened Glow Skin Clinic makes the experience of getting a facial a little friendlier for newbies with practical price points for specialized services. The clinic’s pastel-colored interiors (by Heima design studio) and quality sounds (lots of R&B; you can even follow their playlist on Spotify) make for a chic and non-intimidating approach in contrast to the hospital-like vibe that other places have.

And if all that hasn’t convinced you, we paid a visit to Glow to give you the 411 ourselves. Follow these tips to get that glow minus all the worry.

Skin check: Read up on all of Glow’s 12 facials while waiting for your appointment.

1. Book your appointment in advance.

Slots can fill up, so it’s be better to book an appointment by calling or emailing beforehand. Pro tip: Go on a Thursday or Saturday so you can avail of the dermatologist consultation.


2. Don’t use any exfoliating products at least one week before the treatment.

Before you start the service, Glow’s receptionist will give you a skin checklist to help them assess the condition your skin is in. One part of it asks if you’ve been using any exfoliants, like retinol or acids, because some of the facials include microdermabrasion and laser procedures that may damage already-exfoliated skin.


3. Read up on your skin needs prior to the facial.

Each of Glow’s 12 facial services are categorized depending on what your skin needs. Categories include clarifying, brightening, moisturizing, anti-aging, contouring, rejuvenating and laser facial. If you aren’t sure what kind of facial you want to get, the dermatologist will be there to assess. Even then, it’ll help to have an idea of your skin’s condition by doing a simple preliminary check at home (thanks, Google). Be sure to have a ready list of all the products that you currently have in your routine as well. Pro tip: While waiting for your room to be prepared, we suggest that you read the available primers at the counter to get a better idea of the procedures and products that go into each step.

At your service: Glow Skin Clinic’s receptionists will gladly answer all your pre-facial questions.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask your skincare specialist questions. 

The Essential Facial (P850) has all the basics: cleansing, moisturizing, blackhead and whitehead extraction, sanitation (includes toner application and high frequency therapy), and protection (masking and sunscreen application), while all the other pricier facials build from those steps, with added features like microdermabrasion and LED light therapy. One facial usually lasts for at least 75 minutes, so if you’re not planning on taking a nap, make the most out of your time by asking all your skincare-related questions. Whether it’s about the products that she’s applying, the purpose of the machine she’s using, or what you need to add to your routine, she’s got all the answers. Pro tip: You can upgrade your mask for an additional cost. The aesthetician will mix one according to your skin’s needs.


5. Book a package!

For long-term results, they recommend getting a facial every month. That glow doesn’t come cheap, though, so it’s best to get a package. For a limited time, they’re offering a free pouch and Heliocare 360 sunscreen with every package booked.

For more information, visit Glow Skin Clinic’s Instagram and Facebook.

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