7 apps we’d love to see this year







The continued rise of mobile apps has made our lives easier and more connected. This year, we hope the app makers will take things further and turn our wildest dreams into tech reality. Here are some of our ideas for future apps that should save you from talking to your family during Sunday reunions.

Fake It

Ever been part of a conversation you knew nothing about? Well thanks to this new app, you can carry on a (fake) discussion about The Goldfinch or about how Leeroy New’s artwork has transformed over the years. Fake It will give you all the necessary details on any highbrow and/or hipster topic you find yourself in the middle of. The app even has a Twitter plug-in, so you can tweet all your newfound expertise whenever the need and/or Pacquiao boxing match arises. From MMA sports to Mario Sorrenti, every subject under the sun is yours for the faking!


This extension to Instagram doesn’t allow you to post photos but instead shows you all the pictures your friends deleted from their feed. All those drunken photos they regret uploading? They’re here. A semi-racist photo taken when they went to Osaka? Also here. You can even see unfiltered and unedited versions of your friend’s posts because isn’t seeing your friends’ embarrassing moments one of life’s greatest pleasures?  Junkstagram is the dirty laundry photo app you’ve secretly always hoped for. Sure, your pictures will be there too, but you know what your lame high school teacher always said: misery loves company, and apparently VSCO.

Do I Look Fat in This?

Finally, a selfie-style app that also improves your self-worth. Do I Look Fat in This? is the perfect app for anyone looking for a quick emotional pick-me-up. Simply take a selfie with the DILFIT app and right after it loads, it will automatically and immediately say “Of course not! You’re perfect.” But wait, there’s more! You can also customize the audio settings and choose app voices ranging from Neil Patrick Harris, Meryl Streep, and yes, even your ex-boyfriend. Easy, quick, and hella legit, Do I Look Fat in This? is the selfie app that is all about you and how great you look.

Yá Yá

With the increasing popularity of Uber, it’s time for more than just having a professional driver and finally get an app that will cater to all needs and services. Yá Yá is an app that will send and deliver any request you have may. Want your clothes to be brought to the cleaners? Yá Yá will do that for you. In need of fresh underwear and a flat white from Toby’s Estate? Just click the Yá Yá app and it’s as good as done. You’ll never have to work on any chore or any form of responsibility ever again. Yá Yá even comes with a choice of fun, uniform colors like mint green, cherry blossom pink, and the ever-popular dark blue. The app is so useful and cute that you’ll never let Yá Yá go even when you’re already a 30-something professional with two kids.

Nasaan Si Crush

Combine the road efficiency of Waze and the uselessness of Four Square and then add your inner stalker — I mean Stan — and you’ll get this latest “dating” app. Nasaan Si Crush will not only inform you of where your crush is but it will also tell you the quickest way to get to him/her. Amazing right? Not so fast! Since this is a social networking app after all, it always has a double-edged sword. You’ll also be able to see how many of your friends/future rivals are also heading to your crush, so be ever-vigilant and make sure no one gets there first. I guess love really does move in mysterious waze.

Rachel Leigh Cooks

If you’re like me and miss the simple cuteness and unforgettable charm of Rachel Leigh Cook and at the same time would love to finally learn how to master the kitchen, then this new — and totally not weird at all — cooking app is the one for you. The star of She’s All That will regularly update the users with new and easy cooking recipes anyone can learn. Featuring videos, guides, and deleted scenes from Josie and the Pussycats, the Rachel Leigh Cooks app will definitely please foodies and fans of late ‘90s rom-coms everywhere.

Stop Looking At Your Phone and Experience the World

This app will allow you to move away from your screens and make you see the beautiful wonder that is Mother Earth. It’s free and really simple to use. Just download the app, turn off your phone, and live your life with those you love the most. Witness the world that God created in just six days. The farther you are from screens and WiFi hot spots, the more of the earth you’ll get to see. Experience things no kind of technology can give you and savor the gifts of nature before it all perishes and turns into a barren wasteland in the next few years.

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