Maine Manalansan

July 13, 2018

Meet the two new ‘Rak of Aegis’ leads making a splash in local theater

Y'know what the best part of playing Aileen is?
July 13, 2018

‘Big Hero 6’ is making a TV comeback

But the real question is: what about Tadashi?
July 13, 2018

The Color Bar is BGC’s new hair dye haven

Plus a list of things you can do while your locks are getting colored.
June 30, 2018

What went down at Satchmi’s Vinyl Day

Happy six years!
June 29, 2018

National Book Store and HOPE collaborate on a new line of paper products

Building the nation, one classroom at a time.
June 29, 2018

This new phone is a blessing for your day-to-day

If there's anything that'll make you move from Apple to Android, it's this thing.
June 28, 2018

The ultimate IGTV bingo

Another day, another social media platform to worry about.
June 20, 2018

Songs to listen to while watching a supermassive black hole devour a star

Of course we included Muse.
June 15, 2018

This new shoe collection brings your Japanese film style pegs to life

Take inspo from 'The Tatami Galaxy' and 'Proposal Daisakusen'.