We asked people about their most interesting Yahoo! Messenger stories

On July 17, American time, Yahoo! Messenger shut down.

Before social media became what it is today, Y!M was, for many, one of the first digital playgrounds on which we could find ourselves and exercise our identities. Whether we were crafting statuses, timing when we could go invisible, or calculating the perfect sequence of emoticons for our crushes, it was those little quirks, honestly, that made the internet generation what we are today (read: socially stunted weirdos).

But in grieving, we also remember the good times. And by “good,” I mean, so cringey and embarrassing the thought of how awkwardly you behaved on Y!M kinda makes you wanna die. We’ve compiled a few anecdotes and memories of people who behaved liked, well, dumb teenagers on Y!M. Most of them are train wreck attempts and flirtation. Because of course.


Chino Cruz a.k.a. anime_luver_alpha_delta

My username was anime_luver_alpha_delta WHICH IS SUCH A GREAT START. But the thing I really remember was that I asked my prom date out via Y!M (we met at a Japanese language class) but she had to back out a week before because she had [a] Days with The Lord [weekend retreat] then, so I ended up going with my cousin.


Dianne Tulfo aka dian05_ktp

I was seeing a guy on/off in 2012. We lost all communication, and one day in 2013, I opened my Y!M and he messaged me all of a sudden asking me out. We got together (this time in a serious relationship) for three more years until we ended everything two years ago.


Nadine Ramos a.k.a. nadi_wamos

I was 15 and I asked a guy out to prom through Y!M. I still hate myself for that. (He said yes. But still.)


Danica Montealegre a.k.a. cute_danica05

I was secretly chatting away with one of my crushes. It was February and there was a background theme for heart’s day. I clicked the buzz button just to know if he’s online and suddenly a “TSSSSSPMWAAA” sound went out of the speakers plus a HUGE KISS MARK on the screen! I panicked. I quickly turned off the speakers and shut down the desktop computer after. My sister was there… right beside me. I was so embarrassed.


Fiel Estrella a.k.a. rafaella_estrella

My best (guy) friend and I would talk on Y!M all the time to discuss assignments or bands. I was also a little bit in love with him. Once, we were using the doodle IMvironment to play tic-tac-toe, and I had an impulse to flip to a new page and tell him how I felt. So I started to write “I LIKE YOU”…but he cleared the page before I could get it all out.



I used to be on Y!M all the time and since the internet was kind of boring then I used to join random public chatrooms and fake that I was a 16 years old at the age of… probably 12. Safe to say it wasn’t exactly the safe place for a 12-year-old female pretending to be 16. On a lighter note, since everyone from school used to be on YM I’d often be on invisible and go online when my crush would para mapansin ako. And at the time, “receipts” were in the form of copy paste transcripts of chats and not screenshots. I had a crush on this girl that I’d get to chat with regularly, and one time instead of sending it to my friend I sent it to her… I told her it was a virus.

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