We asked people about their fave conversations over coffee

Art by Pie Tiausas

If there’s something more comforting than coffee, it’s conversation. Put the two together and you might end up something you’ll remember for the rest of your life. I should know— some of my life’s high points happened over coffee. From org meetings to dates lasting day well into the night, coffee shops have served me well. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.

We’ve asked a few people to share their favorite moments over coffee, and buckle up, things are about to get real fuzzy.

“My family rarely spends time together, so every little thing counts. I don’t remember exactly what we talked about—it was during a stopover in Tagaytay— but I do remember the feeling: it felt like a huge, warm hug. It was the kind of warmth that in my bad days, it’s enough to bring me back.” — David, 21

“He was way out of my league. Like, Forbes 30 under 30 conference speaker out of my league. It took a lot of courage to ask his for his email and not only did I get it, he asked me out for coffee. We walked around Harvard that night— snow on the ground, coffee in hand, and talking about how we’d own an island together one day.” — Cara, 21.

“As a team, we all have our own favorite conversations but it all had the same outcome: a realization. One realized what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. Someone met his ex-girlfriend in line, ordering the same thing. Another was drinking coffee on the job realizing she finally has the right job. That coffee can resolve conflict issues in Mindanao giving birth to Coffee for Peace. As for me, the best one was about self-anxiety. Always feels good to talk to people going through the same thing.” — Daniel and Team Akaba

“She walked with me to get coffee. At this point, I’ve only known Mandy for a week. The moment I opened the door, the barista said “”Hey JC, welcome back! Latte? Non-fat milk?” And I was all, “Yes… iced please.” That was the moment Mandy knew we were gonna be friends.” — JC, 23.

“I usually have coffee by myself. Before I start working on things, there’s this moment of stillness while having my first sip. I imagine my perfect day: me resting and knowing that’s what I’ll be doing for that whole day. And that rest will make all the work so worth it. But until then, I’m gonna dive in first.” — Tobi, 21.

“The movie just ended. Almost like a trance, we both ended up getting coffee. We had to work now, we did dodge our deliverables for a good hour and a half, and we ordered. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You started playing and I could hear him, softly singing along. We locked eyes for a moment and smiled. I had to tweet something or else I would spontaneously combust: I tweeted ‘I’m just happy to be here.’ Years later, I still feel the same way.” — Paolo, 22.

From discovering friendships to welcoming someone into the family, great conversations start McCafe. Check out the video below and get inspired to strike up real conversations over McCafé coffee. Who knows, your next memorable conversation might just be a sip away.

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