This app lets you run with the zombies

They say there are two types of zombies: the fast runners and the slow walkers. Whether or not they’re wise is beyond the point (heaven knows we don’t want fast and clever zombies), because the only goal is to not get eaten by them

If you’ve seen The Walking Dead or Train to Busan, you’ve probably wondered if you could survive a zombie apocalypse. Well then, aspiring Daryl Dixon, it’s about time you found out. Zombies, Run! is an app that transports you to a dystopian world full of the undead. There are different missions that you can choose from, and each one has a story and instructions that you need to follow. All you have to do is download the app, plug in your headphones, and start moving.

While there are different instructions that need to be carried out — like getting supplies and not dying in the process — you don’t have to go outside to play the game. You can use this in your house or in the gym —  just make sure you don’t start screaming in the middle of a run.

The app also tracks your progress so you can record how far you’ve come since your first episode. Trust us, you’ll build your endurance and be your own Casey Neistat in no time. Talk about character development IRL.

It’s about time you put Netflix and chill on hold, anyway. Put on your running shoes: the zombies are coming for you.

Photo via The Comeback


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