Apartel revisits John Hughes-esque romance in ‘Guijo St.’ music video

The ‘80s was a time when love was pure, unadulterated, and free of technology-driven complications. It’s no wonder why older millennials find digital dating to be ridiculous and unromantic.

Apartel’s Guijo St. music video brings their fans back to this era, a bittersweet concept contrast to the dark and macabre Sala sa Init and the smoky and sensual Is It Hip?

The music video launch held at Mow’s on November 3 transported attendees to memories of a retro high school senior prom. The night seemed to mirror a scene straight from a John Hughes flick.

Much like the launch’s setting, Guijo St. was also a blast to the past with nostalgic montages of sleepovers, spin the bottle, Scrabble, and that one special dance at prom night with your childhood lover.

We caught up with Apartel’s Ely Buendia and Deej Rodriguez, and Pat Sarabia (who also co-directed the music video) and co-director Audry Dionisio to tell us more about the Guijo St. music video and the production process, influences, and stories behind the scenes.

What are the specific influences and inspirations behind the Guijo St. music video?

AUDRY: Initially kasi Sala sa Init was more horror and thriller, something scary. We didn’t want to be stuck to a certain genre so we tried to jump to another one which is drama-slash-romance. During that time, Pat, Ely, and I were watching Pretty in Pink. I think the ‘80s is making a comeback so that’s also an influence. And it’s a simple story. Everyone can relate. Guijo St. is a crowd favorite so we wanted the video to kind of relate more to the audience.

This is the third directorial collaboration between Pat and Audry (Ely Buendia and Itchyworms’ Lutang and Apartel’s Sala sa Init being the first and second). Was there anything new that you did? Any new approaches or techniques production-wise?

AUDRY: Yes, actually. This was prepared pre-prod and everything was done in two weeks. Shoot was just three days and post-prod was also just two weeks. Medyo rushed siya, I think that’s the difference.

PAT: There was a lot of pressure in the beginning.

AUDRY: We were trying to beat the time of release. We didn’t want to release too close to December. During those times, the band was so busy. We used a different team this time. We’ve worked with different teams. This time we worked with a fairly new group of kids, fresh out of college. They started their own company so it was kind of nerve-wracking to put so much responsibility on them, but they pulled it off.

Any interesting stories from the shoot?

AUDRY: Marami kaming kinain na Kowloon. (Laughs) It was very kind of them to provide our food, and we had Kowloon for two days. May outtakes in our cellphones which I don’t think will ever be revealed in public.

ELY: The story happens sa flashback to the ‘80s and the band was supposed to be there also in the past. The makeup artist brought wigs.

AUDRY: And the band had too much fun. (Laughs)                                               

ELY: The first time we saw them wearing the wigs, we couldn’t help but laugh. They had to give the wigs a haircut.

AUDRY: For [the wigs] to look camera-ready. It was really funny, but it turned out okay. Pero ‘yong unang tingin…

DEEJ: ‘Di makakatrabaho eh. (Laughs)

ELY: And this was the second time we used the same location. The same location as Sala sa Init.

PAT: That’s a secret. It was my parent’s office.

ELY: And you won’t notice it ‘cause our production designer did such a good job.

AUDRY: Same production designer from Sala sa Init, from all the videos. She’s really talented. She has a secret stash of different props everywhere.

ELY: And also the same house, Pat’s house.

You have members of The Ransom Collective (Jermaine Choa Peck) and Cheats (Enzo Hermosa) as your lead stars in the music video. What was it like working with them and how did it come about?

PAT: It was really easy working with them because they’re so easy to direct and easy to talk to. As for how we chose them, it just came up like, “ikaw na lang.” And they were really really game.

AUDRY: They’re friends, and that’s what actually makes our life as directors and the band [easier]. They’re easy to get along with because they’re friends. Always a blast. At ‘saka natural lahat ‘yong acting nila. They are all natural actors as well especially Enzo and Jerms. And another tidbit, Jerms’ mom is playing her actual mom in the video.

Guijo St. is the final single out of Apartel’s “Inner Play” album. The band is currently preparing for their second album which is expected to come out early 2018.


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