Born in 1996, Young STAR is the youth publication of The Philippine STAR. The weekly newspaper section has introduced many of today’s best writers and editors from seminal voices like Jessica Zafra, Raymond Ang and Celine Lopez and multi-disciplinary forces like Erwin Romulo, Paolo Lorenzana and Christopher de Venecia.

Young STAR has always been about promoting and empowering youth culture. It represents youth and their passions minus the bull that comes with it. We’re all about raw, honest and passionate work that will one day change the landscape of their respective fields. Our monthly online zine, The Youth is On Fire, is a submissions-based zine that serves as a creative platform and outlet for those who are starting out. Submit?


Marga Buenaventura

Editor, Print

Marga Buenaventura lives in Antipolo City. That’s right, on a mountain. She’s the editor of Young Star, writes for various magazines, and tweets @margabee.

Maine Manalansan

Editor, Web
Art Director, Print

Maine is a writer and graphic designer based in Manila. She likes pretty things like well-designed posters, One Direction and Bollywood movies.

Ina Jacobe

Art Director, Web

Ina is shy but argumentative. She hates having to explain why she hates pizza. Smiles only around dogs and a few people. Try to talk to her @inajacobe

Isabelle Toledo

Managing Editor, Web

Wondering how long she has to fake it until she actually makes it, Belle is an aspiring sushi chef & the self-proclaimed ambassador of Ruffles.

Gaby Gloria

Editorial Assistant, Web

On most days, you’ll find Gaby Gloria at her computer, excessively bookmarking links to DIY projects and articles about teenage wunderkind.

Coco Maceren

Editorial Assistant, Web

Coco claims to be 70% William Miller, and 30% Penny Lane – whether or not that is true is the question. Probably just wishful thinking.

Tin Sartorio

Editorial Assistant, Print

Tin is still figuring out what to make out of her life. But for now, you can find her in the concert nearest you — with a phone or camera on hand.

Neal Corpus

Editorial Assistant, Print

Neal is a fashion design graduate who fell in love with publishing. His hobbies include sleeping, and — actually no, just sleeping.