‘A Taste of Hong Kong’ gets a special guest cameo from Kryz Uy

‘A Taste of Hong Kong’ gets a special guest cameo from Kryz Uy

For the show’s season four debut, the Filipino travel and lifestyle blogger brings her savvy to Asia’s World City.

We’ve seen how fun travel and food shows can be when executed properly, whether we’re talking about Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations or whatever Vice’s latest food crawl documentary happens to be. It’s the kind of entertainment that not only allows its audience to learn more about a particular culture, but also live vicariously through the show’s hosts.

A Taste of Hong Kong, a collaboration by the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) and TLC, is a travel and lifestyle show that does this especially well. Going strong on its fourth season, the show is hosted by singer and actress Josie Ho, one of Hong Kong’s most revered celebrities. Its fourth season debut though will be different from anything the show as ever done to date, in that it will be the first time a Filipino will be tagging along for the ride. Cebu-based travel and lifestyle blogger Kryz Uy will be the one to make that historical cameo.

Catch Kryz Uy and Daphne Charice cameo in TLC’s A Taste of Hong Kong with Josie Ho. | Photos courtesy of TLC

Unsurprisingly, Kryz Uy’s experience as a blogger documenting her travels and her experiences make her a perfect for a show like A Taste of Hong Kong. Alongside Malaysian singer and party blogger Daphne Charice, and through Josie Ho’s expert eye, Kryz gets to flex her blogger sensibilities as the three visit both the popular and semi-hidden haunts of Old Town Central, from the hole-in-the-wall-esque restaurant Lan Fong Yuen to Kryz’s favorite place from her trip, PMQ, once a dormitory for Chinese rank and file police officer, now revitalized as a hub for exhibits and design studios.

“Getting to explore Hong Kong from a local’s perspective was so refreshing, and definitely makes me want to discover more hidden gems in the city,” Kryz remarks. If you need some ideas for the itinerary of your next Hong Kong trip, this is something you definitely don’t want to miss.

Catch the A Taste of Hong Kong starting August 14, on TLC.

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