Single Awareness Day is usually that time of year when the konfederasyon ng mga sawi pull out all the stops to combat the inevitable. They gather for singles-themed gigs, spoken word poetry readings, soul cycling to evade the grievances of this status-centric holiday.

While on the flipside it’s also fun to be single (no baggage, expectations, and the beauty that is Tinder), there’s also the reality of having to go home alone from parties, playing third or fifth wheel to friends, having to catch bouquets at weddings, or go on a proverbial date with the city — a city that doesn’t seem to be very welcoming towards homo alonetus. Exhibit A (at the movie house): “Hi! One ticket to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies please.” “Ay! Mag-isa ka lang? 220. *walks away*

Which is why this season is also notorious for drawing up eligible bachelors lists — statistics, shoe sizes and all — at the very least giving singles everywhere a reason for the season while treading a seeming road to perdition. And before ultra-feminist temperaments start to flare (seriously, who needs men anyway?), we decided in good fun to come up with our own list with a twist. I mean, nothing is hotter than seeing someone be so passionate about something they love. Feast your eyes, ladies and gents. — TDV

Mito Fabie, 22, Rapper/Student

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
Current mood: Driven

Contrary to what we usually hear, Mito Fabie a.k.a. Curtismith admits that he has more passions than just music. He may be finalizing his EP, playing gigs and prepping for performances in upcoming music festivals, but he also makes sure that he still has time for school. “I see myself constantly moving forward and trying to make the most of the advantage I’m given at any point in time.” He hopes to make a more positive impact through enterprise and whatever other way he can, but he also assures us that music is just the beginning of better things to come.

Describe your perfect date on the calendar.

March 1, because by that time my EP will be out, the music video will be out and hopefully people would’ve caught up with it already.

How much time are you willing to spend in traffic just to see your girl?

If it’s the perfect girl, it doesn’t really matter. – TS

Carlo Atendido, 20, DJ/Model

Zodiac sign: Gemini
Current mood: Complacent

“I’m a pretty good DJ,” says music wunderkind turned SM Youth ambassador Carlo Atendido. But having placed third in the Thre3style World Championships, besting people twice his age, perhaps “good” is an understatement. “I’m a happy-go-lucky guy who loves music and loves making people happy through dance,” he adds, leaning on the technical side of DJ-ing rather than your stereotypical palo and “Put your f***ing hands up.” YouTube how he goes from Star Wars to Usher in a span of 15 minutes. In five years, he hopes to be in top DJ Ace Ramos’ shoes, traveling to different parts of Asia, and spinning/scratching his unique brand of music.

Where are you ticklish?

Back of my neck. Back of my thigh.

Describe your perfect date in the calendar.

August 20. Because that’s my anniversary. — TDV

LA Aguinaldo, 22, Model/Host

Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Current mood: Relaxed

Model, host, jetsetter and a social media influencer. LA Aguinaldo seems to already be living the life at 22. But he admits to still prodding himself to become better. “It’s hard to concentrate on just one (passion) because I always want to do something new. We should never cease to surprise ourselves.” Claiming that 2016 is his year of self-discovery, LA recently conquered his fear of heights by climbing a water tank on a rooftop. Like most young adults his age, he, too, hopes to be more independent in whatever way he can.

Describe your perfect date on the calendar.

July 13, because it’s in the middle of summer and I feel like it’s the most carefree time. It’s just really so random.

How much time are you willing to spend in traffic just to see your girl?

Two to three hours max, because I don’t want her to wait too long for me. That means I should leave earlier or be smart about the traffic. — TS

JL Javier, 20, Photographer

Zodiac sign: Pisces
Current mood: Weirded out

“Everyone has this big thing to unpack,” shares rising photographer JL Javier. “I want to share people’s stories with other people through my photos. So far it’s been okay.” While he doesn’t claim to have a specific style of his own, his information design background has led him to prioritize lines in photos. “Composition is very important to me,” he shares. “I like music and film. I like art in general. I take a lot of inspiration from them.” In 2016, he says he wants to make his work better and, in general, get fit.

Describe your ideal presidentiable.

Smart but also emotionally empathic.

How long are you willing to wait in traffic to be with someone you love?

As long as it takes. — TDV

Javi Cang, 25, Finance Professional/Adventurer

Zodiac sign: Cancer
Current mood: Restless

With the rise of airline seat sales and travel photos on Instagram, vacationing is hardly restricted to the holidays and summer season anymore. But for Javi Cang, getting out of the city is a weekly thing. “The destination depends on how much time I have, but I make sure to climb a mountain or at least hike every weekend. Every decision I make is based on whether or not it’s going to be memorable,” he says as he justifies why he loves exploring places, meeting new people and trying new food. More than a passion, seeking out adventure guides his life’s direction.

How do you like your eggs?

Scrambled because every time you make it, the eggs come out different. I think that’s just how life is.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Climbing more mountains, meeting new people, maybe settling down with a family and spreading the adventurous genes. (Laughs) — TS

Derrick Monasterio, 20, Singer/Actor

Zodiac sign: Leo
Current mood: Tired from the gym

That he wants to be mayor of Quezon City someday is probably the last thing you’d expect to hear from Kapuso star Derrick Monasterio. But his flair for being a leader back in high school seems to give him cause for consideration. “I like influencing people,” he says. The star of the upcoming afternoon serye Hanggang Makita Ka Muli is also a legal management student at San Beda College. “In acting, you learn to explore. There’s this side to me na ngayon ko lang nakita. I have super lakas confidence pala.” In fact, he recently did an episode of Karelasyon where he had to lock lips with veteran actress Elizabeth Oropesa. “At the end of the day, we’re just doing our jobs. She coached me in acting. You learn to explore.”

Kylie Jenner or Kylie Padilla?

Kylie Jenner. She’s my celebrity crush.

Describe your ideal presidentiable.

Definitely not Donald Trump. — TDV

Richard Juan, 22, Host/Model/Business Owner

Zodiac sign: Leo
Current mood: Excited

Being the face of SM Youth and now hosting for UAAP Up Front, Richard Juan has come a long way since modeling for school events. It is not surprising that he has become such a heartthrob — you may have seen him as a part of Candy Cuties batch 2013. He is charming, fashionable, adventurous and smart, too, having recently graduated cum laude from UP Diliman. It’s the perfect combination, but that’s hardly what makes him notable. He is passionate about maximizing his time and skills while also having fun and inspiring the youth to do the same. “I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was…” he sings jokingly, as he admits to loving Pokémon.

Where are you ticklish?

Everywhere, especially side rib and tummy area.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

That’s hard to answer especially in the industry I’m in — it changes really quickly. But I’d like to have a girlfriend at least. Earlier I didn’t want one because I wanted to focus on my career but now I am more open to it. — TS

Tom Bucag, 21, Illustrator/Marketing Head

Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Current mood: Don’t-get-distracted

“I’d like to believe I’m very simple,” says Tom Bucag. Indeed, nothing speaks louder than his prolific work. Throughout the years, his illustrations have developed a distinct style that highlights great details — big eyes, angular faces and a snarky expression to match. While it’s easy to think that his art is already at its prime, Tom reminds us that there is always so much left to learn. He sees himself studying in the next five years and not forgetting to sleep in on Sundays.

What’s something you’re passionate about?

I love discovering great films, artists and books. I love Google-ing and Booksale-ing (assuming they’re verbs.)

What’s something you have yet to tick off from your to-do list?

Having a solo exhibit and finishing the book I’m currently reading. — TS

Jef Flores, 26, Theater actor


Zodiac sign: Taurus
Current mood: Awash

Jef Flores is a man of many phases. As an experienced theater actor, he transitioned seamlessly from playing the role of a melancholic hippie in 4000 Miles to that of an emotionally explosive druggie in This Is Our Youth. He also admits to having classical training in violin for 10 years and being in a metal band at the age of 17. But more than simply the art of acting and having diverse tastes in music, Jef perfectly describes himself as “awash”: floaty and uncertain, but in a really exciting way. He doesn’t like looking further than five days ahead if he can avoid it. He admits to being a very “now” person and loving how it makes him maximize his time.

Describe your ideal presidentiable.

Kind. You can make all kinds of mistakes, but as long as you’re a kind person you should be able to survive a presidency and improve the Philippines somehow within your term.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

In five years, I do hope that I still love what I do and appreciate who I am… and that I’m surrounded by people who are cooler than me. (Laughs) — TS

Jeff Ortega, 25, SurfER/entrepreneur


Zodiac sign: Pisces
Current mood: Awesome

“You always have time for it. But unlike a relationship, it doesn’t feel pressured.” In a rare sighting in the city, surf multi-hyphenate Jeff Ortega waxes metaphorical about the call of the surf, which to him serves as a perfect escape. “You forget everything when you’re in the water,” he says. Owner of a surf school and a bunch of F&B ventures in La Union, he also serves as a brand ambassador for Stoked Inc. and is the brains behind Soul Surf, a surf and music festival. Since then, tourism in the area has shot up by at least a hundredfold. (P.S. He wants to run for mayor someday.) “Self-satisfaction,” he says, is his key to success. “Doesn’t have to be the high-maintenance kind. Just as long as you’re happy.”

How do you like your eggs?

Sunny side up.

Describe your perfect date in the calendar.

March 18. My birthday. It’s always a party. — TDV

Shot at Palace Pool Club
Special thanks to PAM SOLILAPSI

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