Seven local female activewear stores that will convince you to hit the gym

To pursue an active lifestyle is one of the hardest things a human being can ever decide on. Some people who are blessed with the genes may possibly have it easier but for people like me, who considers taking the stairs at the MRT station an exercise, it’s going to take more than three words from Nike to convince me to move.

You know that feeling when the mind has always been willing but the body remembers so many people — er, makes excuses? Yeah, that’s probably all of us pre-#balikalindogprogram season. We all really just have to do it. And an effective way to trick yourself into actually working out is if you wear your gym clothes as early in the day as possible.

There’s no lie when I say that gearing yourself with a pair of functional leggings and a great sports bra can make you feel that you can conquer mountains or even do Gal Gadot’s workout routine. Quality doesn’t come cheap but it definitely changes the game for the better.

To prepare you for the next auditions for Wonder Woman’s stunt double, Young STAR rounded up seven local activewear stores for females that we can all support as its products support us back in the best ways possible.

If you’re into tropical prints and mermaid tail leggings: Lotus Active Wear

If you like your closet cool-toned and asymmetrical: Ina Activewear

If you’re the type to keep your business in front and parties at the back:  Flux movement PH

If you want something that Kylie Jenner would wear (or even maybe copy, lol): Millenx

If you’re a classy hubadera who wants to keep things subtle and uncomplicated: Perfect Form

If you like assurance and support: Oeuvre Active

If you like wearing your workout clothes anywhere as if you lived in LA: Shape shop active

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