5 stages of (commercial) grief

Unless you have been living under a rock, we’re pretty sure you’ve watched at least one of Jollibee’s latest three-part Valentine’s Day commercials (pro-tip: the last one is the best). Our favorite local bee successfully steered away from the overly used #hugot angle but still managed to mess with everyone’s feelings with their true-to-life storylines. It’s no surprise that it only took a few minutes for our fellow millennials to compile some of the most tear-jerking commercials by other brands.

So if you’re up for some more, we compiled a similar list; ranked according to our JLC mood meter. Grab some tissues, you’re in for a good cry sesh.

Level 1: Warming up
For the first level, we’ll go easy on you. Let’s start off with a dog and a classic commercial to warm things up.

Don’t drink and drive by Budweiser:
Karen po by McDonalds Philippines:

Level 2: Conceal, don’t feel
These stories hit close to home because of the cultural references. Put on your best poker face and conceal your emotions. You’ve got this.

#LetDadKnow by Globe:
Break down barriers and welcome change by Smart:

Level 3: Must be the chopped onions
Filipinos have always been taught to value the importance of family. Try not to get caught crying by watching this in the office pantry.

Debut by Max’s:
Almusal by Jollibee:

Level 4: Question your decisions
When was the last time you appreciated a family member? The last time you expressed affection to them? Also, why are you still watching this? Fair warning; the waterworks is about to start if it hasn’t yet.

#heimkommen by Edeka:
Rogue commercial by Globe:

Level 5: Wasaq
Tag a friend or your whole barkada. If you’re going to break down, might as well bring the whole barangay with you

My brother by Brother:
The Best Present is your Presence by BPI-Philam:

We’re done.

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