Karpos Live’s Mix 2.1 made the people sway with Tom Misch and Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Photos by Tin Sartorio


I have something to admit: I had no idea who Tom Misch and Vancouver Sleep Clinic were until last week. It’s a little bit criminal, I know, especially when I was about to see them live at Karpos Live Mix 2.1 last Aug. 23. Like the true crammer that I am, I began listening to the two the afternoon before the concert (it turns out I did know one or two Tom Misch songs). Don’t get me wrong, though: it was still one hell of a show, and neither artist disappointed, even if I barely knew any of the music.

The third installment of Karpos Multimedia’s new concert series, Mix 2.1, was once again held at the ABS-CBN Vertis Tent. The energy of the evening was much more chill than the last time (with Honne and Anderson .Paak); getting inside the tent took zero wait time and the air was breezy. Not to say that there wasn’t any excitement — once the music started, the tent was filled with cheers and flashing camera phone lights.

Beautiful escape: Tom Misch and Vancouver Sleep Clinic headlined Karpos Live’s third installment of their new concert series.

The night was kicked off by opening act Nathan & Mercury, a revelation with their mix of R&B, pop, jazz and more, getting the crowd in the mood for the rest of the night. The band is pretty new to the scene, having formed only in February 2017, originally for a one-time gig (glad they continued!). There’s something disappointing about discovering a band IRL and later finding out that they only have two songs so far on Spotify (Fools and Swing), but hey, it’s keeping my eyes (ears?) peeled for more.

If you’re still not sure where you’ve heard of Vancouver Sleep Clinic (like me), they’ll probably sound familiar from their appearances on the soundtracks of shows like Teen Wolf, Suits and The Vampire Diaries. And no, despite the name, they are in fact not from Canada — the band hails from Brisbane, Australia, which might help explain their chill ambient vibes. Stage presence was not at all lacking, however, and VSC, led by Tim Bettinson, got the crowd singing and swaying along with their songs like Silver Lining, In The End and a cover of Drake’s Don’t Matter To Me.

Dance lullaby: Vancouver Sleep Clinic

And then came the evening’s headliner Tom Misch. Once he took the stage, he opened with The Journey and Colours of Freedom (from his 2015 album “Beat Tape 2”) to a roaring crowd ready to sing along. And sing along they did: even during the instrumental parts, the crowd was chanting and humming along. He played a mix of faves from older albums (I Wish from “Reverie”) and hits from his latest release, “Geography” (It Runs Through Me, You’re On My Mind, Disco Yes, and more). What he didn’t play, however, was Beautiful Escape, arguably his most popular single. Although it made it up for it by playing three more songs in his encore, so it’s all good.

You’re on my mind: Tom Misch

Even after all that, the concert wound down before midnight, which, if I’m being honest, is a very good time to end (more sleep!). Everything about Mix 2.1 rounded off nicely: nice crowd, chill vibe, great music. My biggest takeaway from this, however, was that I realized what I liked the most about Karpos Live: you get to discover new homegrown acts, see your international faves, spend time with some friends, have a few drinks, and sway and sing along to damn good music, all on a pretty regular basis — and that’s what’s going to keep you coming back. Can’t wait for the next one.


The next installment of Karpos Live, Mix 2.2, is happening on Oct. 6. For tickets and details, head on over to karposlive.com.

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