15 things better done alone

Art by Analyn Camantigue

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The Hallmark holiday I care about the least. Single people love to make fun of themselves so much, they’ve even coined a term to counter VDay. The term Single Awareness Day seems both unnecessary and sad (pun intended). We don’t need an acronym to remind us of our situation; we’re aware of that fact every single (the puns don’t stop) day.

And there is definitely nothing wrong with being alone. Sometimes it’s even better. Whoever said that not having a significant other is lonely clearly hasn’t spent a day alone without any distractions.

This Feb. 14, don’t just drag your other single friends out for Galentine’s Day. Practice self-love (whatever form that takes) and make yourself happy. Take this time to cherish the most important thing in your life: you. Wonderful, beautiful, more perfect than Zayn Malik’s entire being (okay, maybe that was a stretch).

We listed down 15 things that are better done when alone. From eating at a buffet to KonMari-ing your life, let love for yourself win in 2017.

1. Have a movie marathon at IMAX.

You know what they say, some movies are best seen in IMAX (like La La Land). You’re paying for your ticket anyway, so might as well watch it three times.

2. Go to a museum.

Bask in the wonders of the great arts without worrying about someone waiting on you. Art needs to be appreciated, not rushed.

3. Shop for hygiene products.

When it comes to shopping for bath products, nothing should stop you from smelling every single lotion and bath bomb. Love yourself enough to do this alone.

4. Read a book.

Because narrating it to someone is just too darn hard and distracting. If the other person insists, just buy them an audiobook.

5. Create a patch of your crush’s face.

Okay, just because you’re spending VDay alone doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of some eye candy. Now you can wear your #lifeinspo — and heart — on your sleeve.

6. HOHOL with your dog and cat.

Your pet deserves your undivided attention. And of course, you wouldn’t want anyone else to pet your kitten, would you?

7. KonMari your life.

Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up says that you need only keep the things that make you happy (“spark joy”). You don’t need that extra baggage when removing actual baggage from your life. 

8. Write in your diary.

Your thoughts and feelings should remain yours. If you want anyone else to know, take it to Twitter and practice subtweeting.

9. Eat at a buffet.

Not only will no one judge you for getting a fifth round of sushi, but you’ll also be in no obligation to pay for another person’s bill. That’s a win-win for us.

10. Wake up in the morning.

While it’s nice to have someone to cuddle with the night before, waking up early in the morning — bad breath and all — is not ideal. Maybe just meet up after you’ve transformed into an actual human being.

11. Win a competition.

There should only be one person at the top, and that’s you. A tiebreaker is a deal breaker. 

12. Consume your mobile Internet.

Your five-gigabyte allowance will easily turn into 15-gigabyte if you’re working with someone with no mobile Internet. You love them, but when it comes to cellular data, away muna. 

13. Do yoga.

While the YouTube’s countless yoga challenges look fun, try doing it on your own this month. Not only will it help you cope with the troubles in the world, it’s also less hazardous to your health. I mean, a broken heart is enough, no need to add any more broken bones.

14. Practice City of Stars on the piano.

Take it from La La Land’s Seb: people always leave. So just play your own theme song and be your own person.

15. Shop online at 1 a.m.

Ssshhh, just click order. No one will judge you for it.


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